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Clover Blend Plus Chicory


How do you make an already outstanding clover blend better? Add some premium forage chicory to it. We took the same premium chicory that was tested and used in our Seclusion Blend and added it to our Clover Blend. Giving it an added punch, especially in the fall. Graze resistant and drought tolerant, this blend tops all in the industry. Our deer utilize our clover plots from Spring green up in March until when the deep snow hits here in Upper Michigan in late December. With over 27% crude protein available, this mix will aid in antler growth and help does and fawns when they need it most (spring). This blend is a key to year round nutrition.

Plants 1/2 acre

Clover Blend Plus Chicory

Seclusion 360 Blend


A new concept to the food plot industry, adding food to bedding areas. By adding tiny plots in and around bedding areas, this gives you another tool to hold deer on your property. Whitetails need to eat during the day while in their daytime bedding areas, now you can provide what they want.  This mix consists of a high percentage of premium chicory and a tough, persistent white clover. We have tried various chicory seed in the past, and none compared to the chicory used in this product.  In trials last year, this mix provided pictures of multiple mature bucks using the tiny plots during daylight. Seeding rate is 8 to 10 pounds per acre. This blend will work in tiny bedding plots and travel corridors leading to and from bedding & food. A great new concept and a great new blend brought to you exclusively from Northwoods Whitetails & Jake Ehlinger at Habitat Solutions 360.

2 pound bag plants 1/8 to 1/4 acre

Medium Red Clover


Our Medium Red Clover is a 2 year, fast growing clover that many use as a plow down in their food plots. This clover can be seeded in the fall with a cereal grain planting such as our Fall Forage. The following spring, the clover will grow fast and feed the deer from spring to late summer when it can be plowed or tilled under providing nitrogen for a brassica planting. This clover will tolerate slightly higher acidic soils.

  • Seeding rate is 12 to 14 pounds per acre alone, or 8 to 10 pounds per acre with a mix.

Crimson Clover


Crimson clover is an annual clover that can be seeded in mid to late summer. This clover will come back the following spring/summer in most areas. It makes a great kill plot planting, or it can be used as a plow down crop (green manure).

Clover Blend


A great stand of clover is the cornerstone of any food plot program. After years of trying different types of clover, we have settled on 3  varieties of white ladino clover that offer diversity, for our blend. This blend has proven to be drought tolerant during the 2012 summer. Our clover blend will provide your deer with highly nutritional forage from spring thaw until winter. Our clover provides plenty of protein when lactating does and bucks (growing antlers) need it the most. This Clover Blend has been tested side by side against many “big name” seed companies, and the Northwoods blend always came out ahead. Our clover blend can take high grazing pressure, and the deer love the sweet, palatable forage. When it comes to clover for whitetail deer, you have found the best right here with the Northwoods Whitetails Clover Blend. Compare our price to all the other big name seed companies. You get the best clover blend at the best price.

Seeding rate is 8 to 10 pounds per acre.

Spring Planting

Cave In Rock Switchgrass

5lb/25lb/50lb – $82.02/$404.40/$716.40

Our Cave in Rock Switch Grass bag of pure live seed.

Seeding rate is 6 to 8 pounds per acre for bedding areas, and 10 to 12 pounds per acre for screening.

Soil Builder Blend


Something new to the food plot industry. A mix for the hunter with less than ideal soil. This blend contains rye,  buckwheat, oats, peas, sunflowers, sorghum sudan grass and grain sorghum. Our blend contains plants that will produce tons of biomass that will become organic matter for your soils. This blend has been tested for a few years in sandy soil as well as poor, low quality soil. We have been pleased with the results. We recommend planting in the spring at 50 pounds per acre with 8 pounds of crimson clover or berseem clover.  Thinner soils may need to be seeded on the heavier side.  A soil test will tell the proper amounts of fertilizer and lime to add.  In late summer, we make one pass with a disc to knock the plot flat and seed again at 50 pounds per acre of rye, and 50 pounds per acre of oats into the thick mat of dying vegetation.  You can also spread another bag of the soil builder blend instead of the rye and oats. Another option is to mow then disc or till the spring planting in. Repeat this process for years until the organic matter percentage of your soil is at or above 3%  to 4%  This mix works well in acidic soils, and some sandier areas. Like any plot, moisture will be key in the success of this planting. Sandy plots will dry out quickly, and drought conditions will kill most plantings.

Each bag plants approximately 1/3 to 1/2 acre. We recommend 8 pounds per acre of crimson or berseem clover to be planted with this blend.

Egyptian Wheat


A great product for screening, creating travel corridors, or temporary bedding areas. This will grow 8 to 12 feet tall with proper growing conditions. Hide your plots and fields from poachers or neighbors. Planting rate is 12 to 14 pounds per acre. Deer will not eat this like a milo or a forage grain sorghum.

This plants 1/3 acres.

Northwoods Brand Sugar Beats


Probably one of the best late season food sources is sugar beets. Deer love them, plain and simple. They will eat the green tops in mid to late fall, then turn to the actual beet itself when the weather turns colder. They provide great nutrition when the deer need it most. Plant these in late May to early June for best results. These are NOT roundup ready sugar beets. Weed control is Stinger for broad leafs and Clethodim for grasses.

DIMENSIONS6 × 4 × 3 in


Food Plot Screen: Heavy duty Variety


How many times have you been “busted” by deer going to or from your stand on or near your food plot. Or, are the deer using your plots fully exposed to the road or trails. Well, we may have a solution. Our food plot screen does exactly what it sounds like, screens food plots. Imagine having the ability to plant a “wall” 10 to 15  feet wide and up to 14 feet high. Access your stand easier, break up you large plot into multiple smaller ones, or just hide the entire plot to encourage more secure daytime use by the deer. If you have a poaching problem from a road, this may be your answer. By planting in late May to mid June, our plot screen will reach 12 to 14 feet high, depending on conditions. We have been testing various plantings since 2006 and feel we have come up with the best annual screen available. Many companies add milo or grain sorghum to their screening products. We strongly recommend you avoid these. Think about it, deer eat sorghum and milo seed heads. Why would you want deer eating your screen? Complete planting, fertilizing and weed control instructions will be included with each order. This can be a great tool you can use to help your success this year. Seeding rate is 8 to 10 pounds per acre. This is a new hybrid made for our company, and we are excited to offer it to you. The first year of testing had screens 14 to 15 feet tall in Michigan. And, it stayed 9 to 10 feet tall during winter.  A few things to keep in mid with this screen. The soil temperature must be over 65 degrees. The night time lows must be over 65 degrees. This hybrid does not do well in wet soils. You are better off waiting a few weeks for the soil to dry out before planting. A late June planting will still reach 12 feet tall. A late July planting will reach 7 feet tall. Complete planting instructions are included with each order.

This “heavy duty” food plot screen has been tested for 3 years in the tough Upper Michigan climate. It has with stood freezing rain, snow, high winds and brutal cold temperatures and stayed upright when it matters the most. Unlike most screens, this variety will take winter weather (when planted correctly). A 12 foot tall screen does not do you any good if its on the ground by November 1st. In our 3 years of testing, this product has preformed the best for late season stand ability in Upper Michigan. Check out the photos of our screens during December.

Each bag covers approximately  1/2 acre.

Fall Planting

Cereal Rye / Rye Grain


A must have in any food plotters tool box. This is the most valuable, yet under rated planting available to deer hunters. We use rye in all our destination plots, as well as many of our hunting plots. Some big name companies try to convince hunters that deer wont eat rye, but we have found all across the country that its simply not true. Not only do deer love young rye, the soil building benefits of rye are impressive as well. When fall planted rye comes back in the following spring, its the first green food the deer can eat.

Our 50 pound bags of rye grain (NOT RYE GRASS), are cleaned, tested and ready for use in your plots.

WHS Green Forage Blend


After working on this blend with Jeff Sturgis of Whitetail Habitat Solution (WHS) we are excited to bring this blend to market. Many of our customers have asked for this blend, and its finally available. Jeff uses this blend as a green forage base for one side of all his food plots. With a high concentration of peas, as well as forage oats and soybeans, this is a great blend for your food plot. We recommend using 100 to 150 pounds per ace, with a planting date of early to mid August. a few weeks after planting, we recommend broadcasting 100 to 150 pounds per acre of our winter rye. Yes, that is a lot of seed per acre, but remember you are trying to produce the most fall food in a small space.

Whitetail Forage Radish


Our Whitetail Forage Radish has become an awesome draw during the months of September, October and November. When combined with a cereal grain planting (like our Fall Forage), you simply have one of the best food plot offerings available. These can be over seeded into standing corn or soybeans in August to double the food offered. The radish also helps the soil by mining nutrients and bringing them up to the surface. A great fall offering that deer can’t resist.

Fall Forage Blend


This is one of my favorite fall plantings. It contains oats, forage peas, winter wheat and rye grain. It is a great early season bow hunting offering, as well as a great cold weather plot. The oats and peas attract the deer immediately, and the wheat and rye keep them comming back when the cold weather sets in. This easy to plant blend will produce lots of forage all season long. Seeding rate is 75 to 100 pounds per acre. Plant late August to late September. Add some of our Whitetail Forage Radish to make a great draw even better!  Jeff Sturgis of Whitetail Habitat Solutions shot his beautiful Wisconsin buck heading to a Fall Forage food plot.

Sweet Feast Brassica Blend


Brassica is an important part of any food plot program. Feeding deer when the cold arrives and the snow flies is just what our brassica blend does. With forage rape, kale, tillage radish, and 3 varieties of turnips, our brassica blend has it all. We don’t use the ordinary turnips you can get at the local feed mills. We have done a lot of research and testing to find the best and biggest kale and rape leaves, turnips and radishes to use in our blend. When the first frost hits, the leaves of the plants start to get sweet, just the way deer like it! Even after all the green leaves are eaten , the plot will still be filled with large turnips and radishes for the deer to dig up and eat. Tons of forage from September until late winter for a lot less than the price of “big buck on a bag” seed companies brassica offerings. Just look at the picture. No other brassica blend can produce results like the Northwoods blend can. Better hope your neighbor isn’t using this! Seeding rate is 6  pounds per acre in late July to early September.

Plants 1/2 Acre