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Stewardship, Tradition and Legacy are a way of life for our Habitat customers. We are privileged to  share our expert guidance and planning  assistance to support property owners with Stewardship on their land that maximizes the value, accessibility, and beauty! ​

What is the Purpose of Habitat Building?

Habitat building focuses on maintaining an environment for wildlife that has adequate space, food, cover and water. Our powerful equipment clears overgrowth and distributes the mulch to encourage the natural decomposition needed to improve soil structure, moisture retention, and reduce erosion. Forestry mulching is an essential component in creating a habitat rich in healthy vegetation capable of supporting a thriving ecosystem.


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Healthy Food Plot

Food Plot Clearing & Preparation

Clearing and preparing plots of land is key to habitat building and maintenance. Thickets uses state of the art, heavy-duty equipment which has the capability to clear multiple acres per day. With the use of the stump grinder, unwanted stumps can be completely eliminated to prepare the ground for tillers and/or seed spreaders. The Power Rake can then clear wood chips and debris from the mulched areas to prepare food plots;  the rake conditions the soil by loosening and tilling it up, which contributes to the regeneration of soil nutrients that promote vegetation growth and stability. All of this can be done while minimally disrupting the natural traffic patterns of the local wildlife. 

Improved Trail Systems

Wildlife species use edge habitat for travel, foraging and nesting. Our main goal in the improvement of trail systems is to create the necessary layers required that support natural behaviors of local wildife. 

Trail system improvements offer the following advantages:

  • Hunters gain access areas with minimal impact to wildife 
  • Develops a corridor for deer that strategically connects travel flow from bedding cover, food, and water sources.
Habitat building