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Our story

About Us

Thickets Habitat & Land Works (THLW) is a company rooted in Stewardship, Tradition and Legacy.  Our passion is driven by faith, family, friends, and generational tradition. We do what we do for the love and amazement of God’s green earth. For the respect and conservation of the priceless wild game resource. For a passionate commitment to stewardship. And to know we will have left our corner of creation better than we found it and created a legacy.

Our company roots were planted by two like minded individuals that wanted to find a better way to nurture habitat improvement in the most economical and sustainably beneficial way.  This interest was sparked due to the need and desire to provide better wildlife habitat for our nature rich state. Our services quickly expanded into commercial and residential services that provided value to outdoor areas of our customers properties.

Owners, Paul S. and Matt F., have a diverse background in business and customer relations. Through our shared skillsets we strive to offer the greatest level of service to everyone throughout our beautiful communities! We love the work we do and the people that we serve, and the relationships we create are what we value. 

We hope to see you in the woods!

Habitat Works

Thickets assists property owners execute their habitat improvement plan.  Our goal is to become your long term stewardship partner.  We bring the production of very expensive, high-end equipment to our customers.  We work under the guidance of expert habitat managers applying science based habitat management principles.  

Land Works

Business Owners, Developers, Utilities, Pipelines, Homeowners and many more are “stewards” of their land.  We are driven to assist these customers maintain right of ways, protect power and gas lines, open new development access, maintain view corridors and much more.  

We look forward to helping you with your Stewardship, Tradition and Legacy by putting our Habitat Builders and Forestry Mulchers to work on your project.